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Hello, We Are A Community

Rajah Smart is joined by other writers. This movement is a conglomerate of writers comprised of educators, social engineers, or social experts to share their viewpoints and products designed to showcase various perspectives. The assembly of these talented folks has been in the making and they are all experts in some way. Through travels across the globe, we have learned that experience is the coldest advice. 

Brother Smart is one of those men that is considered quiet genius. Dr. Smart earned his doctorate from the University of Michigan and has spent over 30 years in education. He doesn't say much but with the words he places on paper, says it all.  

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Rajah E. Smart, Ed.D.


Born in Flint, MI, Dr. Rajah Smart's pastime is writing to help with escaping the daily of this society. With seven (7) books in his portfolio, he continues to develop ideas for various projects. The books all tend to focus on relationships and some specific topics such as love, sex, infidelity, and communication.  Dr. Smart was first interested in creative writing when completing a course in college.  He is by trade a professor for education and has more than twenty years of experience working with educational organizations.  As an independent author, Rajah has had two of his books adopted as course books, and Barnes and Noble placed one on the shelves. Dr, Smart completed his doctoral studies at the University of Michigan-Flint in Educational Leadership. 

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