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Rajah Smart has released nine (9) titles thus far, with more in the works. While he is currently engaged in research related to school finance, two titles are in progress expressing his more creative side. 

All in Love is Fair.jpg


All in Love is Fair

Not having a mother growing up stunted his view of what he is looking for in a woman. The element that makes this story is the emphasis it places on a piece of mind, family, and friends. LINK


Sinners Have A Soul Too

People live at least two lives; the one in front of the family and the one outside of that. Now I can say that my more dominant personality is the only life. LINK

Sinners Have A Soul Too.jpg
Clarity of Absence.jpg


Clarity of Absence

This journey into the man's soul is a detailed, deeply moving, and often humorous look into the sensitive side of a contemporary metrosexual's odyssey through life, love, desire, passion, and his ability to reach that place many of us seek. Enlightenment-- LINK


You Were There

After a tragic drunk driving accident, the woman who had been my friend, sister, mentor, and the overseer was taken from this world. LINK

You Were There.jpg
Black Rain_edited.jpg


Black Rain

Race and culture are commonly used to differentiate or celebrate people. On the flip side, race can be used to promote stereotypes and dissension. LINK


Souls of Pier 35

When perplexed or depressed, there is a place where human beings go to escape. Many have chosen to escape to the infamous Pier 35 or what is commonly known as death row. LINK

Souls of Pier 35.jpg
Exit Strategy.jpg


Exit Strategy

Addresses infidelity in marriage. Their relationship feels right, but society says otherwise. Set in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Exit Strategy takes on the foundations of society: marriage, sex, parenthood, and friendship. The books shows the struggle of two characters who aren’t sure whether a sin is a sin or whether love is love. LINK


Marriage or Relationship: Soulmates or Cellmates

Relationships can be easy or difficult, depending on the type.

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After taking her life in a moment of rage, he has a series of impossible events that always begin with the aroma of cherry blossoms, Sakura flowers, the symbol of life and love. 

The Sakura Cloud
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