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Rajah E. Smart, Ed.D.




Clarksville, TN 37043



Doctorate of Education
University of Michigan

Dissertation: Comparing Resource Allocation Practices of Charter Public Schools and Traditional Public Schools on Student Performance


Education Policy Certificate

Michigan State University

Education Policy Fellowship Program

Focus: The development of a diverse and collaborative community of strategic leaders for effective public policy.


Master of Arts in Administration 
University of Phoenix


Bachelor of Arts in Education 
Western Michigan University

The degree focused on the administration and supervision of programs. The program included an internship in the role of administration. 

The degree focused on teaching and learning for grades 7-12 and included 80 hours of field work and a semester-long internship. 

Work Experience

January 2022 - Present

July 2016 - Present

Assistant Dean of Assessment and Accreditation


Manages the college's quality assurance system and is responsible for overseeing all assessments related to the continuous improvement of programs in the college; Coordinates assessment activities related to CAEP, APA, CACREP, SACSCOC, and program reviews by the state; Understands all relevant state laws, rules, and policies related to educator preparation; Establishes and maintains an electronic assessment system; analyzes, summarizes, and disseminates student outcome data to faculty and staff; Facilitates the development of reliable and valid assessment instruments and rubrics; and Ensures the completion of required state and national assessment/accreditation reports

Vice President of Strategy, Technical Assistance, and Policy


Designs and implements technical assistance (TA) and lead TA team of staff to assess and redesign programs based on data outcomes; Project coordination for various clients in federal, state, and local agencies, workforce development, local educational agencies, and higher education; Collaborates with partners to address specific data issues; Plans and implements customized supports for partners, program evaluations and reports, and other functions related to the client concerns as a result of the data; Engages in the development of professional learning, training, and evaluation of workshops; Develops and provides professional learning for partners engaged in data improvement, equity integration, systems changes, and more, as needed; Leads or provides support and thought leadership to improve capacity systems for partners; and Senior data analyst, with responsibilities including cleaning and organization, and analysis of client profiles to help enhance quality assurance systems

August 2008 - August 2018

State of Michigan Consultant

Coordinated with state staff to implement local public health efforts, such as the Michigan Model curriculum and Safe Schools within their respective school systems; Ensured disbursement of SNAP grant funds to economically disadvantaged schools; Developed contracts per district policies, and provided guidance, consultation, and technical assistance to local educational agencies in the design, development, and implementation of the SPLASH project; Built partnerships with unions, various local educational agencies, and educator preparation providers; recruited programs and stakeholders to participate in priorities; Developed and updated state standards and administrative rules for teacher, school administrator, and teacher leader programs; coordinated committees to revise content, curriculum, and teacher preparation standards; Developed and provided technical assistance and leadership to district-and building-level educators, as well as institutions of higher education; Reviewed annual data from EPPs to determine educator preparation institution scores; provided technical assistance to EPPs in corrective action; Developed a system of technical assistance for supporting charter schools and authorizers; and Authored the United States Department of Education, Charter Schools Program grant for the Michigan Department of Education, resulting in an award amount of 47 million dollars.

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