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Felicia & Rajah

Writing Collaboration

Felicia is a jewel in the midst of rocks. Her perspective on life is not only hilarious but spot on when you hear the ideas that flow from her mouth. Born and raised in Flint, MI, she has that urban mindset and powerful voice not expected. Her deep social context is a fresh perspective needed. Combined with Rajah, they have partnered on concepts before and now write together.

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The Sakura Cloud

Rizuu knows the precise moment when his world fell apart: the instant his longed-for daughter was born, he saw her dark skin and curly hair. He and his wife, Ayami, had been trying for years for this pregnancy. Ayami confesses that she has been unfaithful, and the child is not Rizuu’s. Rizuu seethes with anger. After taking her life in a moment of rage, he has a series of impossible events that always begin with the aroma of cherry blossoms, the symbol of life and love. The dreams take him on a journey that shows him what life would be like without Ayami and baby Amaya..

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