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Accept What People Show You

I don't say much or need to say much at this age. Some things simply flow off your back because what was important before is not so important now. The thirst to be a part of a club, group, a set of friends, or a career is no longer appealing. Peace is the new mission, which also includes people in the contexts of your career, life, family, etc. When putting together a puzzle, some pieces may seem like they work, but they end up being wrong, which throws off the puzzle and causes a search for the right piece. I'm on a journey to find the right peace and balance after living a life of imbalance.

Any THING or PERSON that causes noise and imbalance has essentially been dispatched. I hold no ill will. On the contrary, the relationships were cool at some point, but in time, some of those faded into blackness, like the end of an anti-climactic movie. It doesn't mean they are bad people. It simply means they eventually showed me something that informs me they are not on the level I seek. Or, they move and don't provide me with an address or number. That isn't hurtful. It helps you not have to decide later or expend energy to move on from them. Losing family;y and friends do not bother me like that. Losing the people closest to me does, but outside of that, it does not bother me because I have a system. I apply it to my life in general (family, career, etc.) Just a few nuggets:

  1. When some folks tell me how much they adore me, listening to what they aren't saying or asking is key. That is, they spend so much time talking about themselves and have to force themselves to ask you how you are. Now, if you hang around them for entertainment, continue to do so, but it will eventually fade because they are one-sided. One-sided relationships drain your soul.

  2. Folks that can't MOVE On from some old stuff will never let you forget anything. If ya'll squash it, it should be squashed and not be used time and time again. Shake them loose if they keep acting like Tubi and play the same three commercials.

  3. You on they time, but they can't be on your time. Not too much more to say about that--

  4. Being hidden like them pictures you not supposed to have in your phone. If you have to be hidden, that means they on something shady that could come back and bite you in the behind later.

  5. When you hear from them, there is always a problem you have to solve like you a therapist. Yeah...I didn't go to school for that, and I'm not interested.

When you move on from folks like that, know you dodged a bullet. They will not change and continue interfering with your peace and balance. There is not much else to say after a while, and the conversations grow stale like that wheat bread that's been sitting on the counter you swear you were gonna eat. Peace and balance are the keys to living a wonderfully-wonderful life. Leave all the other noise behind and focus on life. Don't be bogged down by misplaced loyalty, and move on to that tranquil place. Some folks will believe they have some level of importance in your life. Show them differently--

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