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Applying for Jobs in 2022 Hurts

Applying for jobs is a pain in so many ways. When considering applying, I think of the interview process and immediately lose the desire to seek a job. It’s more than the interviewing. It’s completing the application that requests uploading a resume to legit type in all the information. Those are small compared to the more irritating aspects of seeking employment in this current climate.

Indication of Receipt or Decline

In a previous post, Felicia Banks wrote Just Do Yo Damn Job and discussed completing the minimum job components. The point is, why don’t some organizations acknowledge receipt of an application? How come there is no response if you aren’t chosen? What happens when you complete an application, and no one responds? It is as if the application is in limbo. You never know if they received, reviewed, or decided. You may find out months later that you didn’t make the cut. It’s enough to make a person insecure about applying because there is no result. Don’t need employment in a hurry, especially if you are seeking a job that requires multiple degrees. One way to keep people honest is to find the contact of the role and email for clarification on the response process. Sometimes this is like finding a needle in the haystack but worth it for a piece of mind as it increases the chance of response.

Interview Process

Interviews range from 20 to 45 minutes and could be multiple. Some organizations are unclear about the purpose of interviews upfront. Those could be 20 minutes of “screening” the candidate or really be the interview. When speaking to any organization, it is best to be prepared as it could screen you out completely. What burns my butt is the interviews that are all day. Bruh...I have a job and must take a half day off work to interview with teams. This is the most annoying process. I’m losing time to attend an interview all damn day and still don’t get the job. So, 20 minutes of my time is meeting with the administrative assistant about strategy. WTF. There have been times when I quit in the middle of interviews because of the unprofessionalism of the review team. It provides an idea of what the organization is like. When interviewing, ensure you are prepared whether it is 15 or 45 minutes. Before scheduling interviews, make sure you speak to the scheduler about the process so that you can ascertain the worth. If it adds up, proceed.

Job Posted But Not Really

I once applied for a job as an assistant superintendent. I came in second and realized later that the fix was in. You know the posted jobs that are already accounted for by someone in the organization. It’s just to ensure the organization checks all the legal boxes used to ensure fair practices were conducted but not fair at all. Imagine spending all that time preparing and interviewing to find out that you aren’t chosen when you know you killed the interview. Back to my example. I found that the person had previously worked with the superintendent, so the fix was made. Later, the superintendent was fined for hiring the person without proper credentials. I had the needed credentials, but it taught me about the fix. I wish there were easy ways to tell, but some are the length of time the job has been posted, the specific requirements of the position, and whether it is a new or existing role. These are not 100% but they are indicators.


Back in the day, you found out fairly quickly if you were declined, accepted, and did not progress in the interview process. I'm at the age now where I don't need to prove myself to anyone, especially in a subjective environment. Over 30 years in education and a commitment to continuing education with products show that. I'm not looking to climb higher. I want to be comfortable in work I can do and enjoy for a long time. Unfortunately, for those seeking jobs in this hiring environment, we see people hired in the friends and family plan over those more skilled and qualified. It is enough to frustrate and annoy, making the process of applying for jobs mentally trying. You know it's a different environment when you apply for a job and don't hear anything for six months.

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