• Nina Holmes

Coming Soon: The Sakura Cloud by Rajah E. Smart and Felicia M. Banks

Please allow us to introduce our recently completed novel—THE SAKURA CLOUD—a mystical story about the true price of love.

Rizuu, a Japanese man, knows the precise moment when his world fell apart: the instant his longed-for daughter was born and he saw her dark skin and curly hair. He and his wife, Ayami, had been trying for years for this pregnancy. Ayami confesses that she has been unfaithful, and the child is not Rizuu’s. Rizuu seethes with anger. He has spent his entire married life working hard as an attorney to give Ayami everything she could ever want, and she has betrayed him. He will never forgive her—or accept that baby. After taking her life, he has a series of impossible events that always begin with the aroma of cherry blossoms—sakura flowers, the symbol of life and love. The dreams take him on a journey that shows him what life would be like without Ayami and baby Amaya.

Rajah has eight titles self-published through Authorhouse that can be found in any major online bookstore. Clarity of Absence was physically sold in Barnes and Noble as an independent. Black Rain became required course reading for Sociology at Schoolcraft College, and the Exit Strategy was in the best-selling Erotica titles for two weeks. Felica supported the development of Souls of Pier 35 and edited and co-wrote TheSakura Cloud.

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