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COVID-19 Was Bad When It Wasn't

Never had a flu shot, shingles, can't remember tetanus and diptheria shot, or anything else. Why? Hey, I'm from a Black family and my family didn't believe in that, especially after the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male. Of course, we didn't do counseling or mental health services either because we had church each Sunday all damn day (9 AM-5 PM). That was supposed to fix drug addiction, pedophilia, and emotional abuse, but that's another topic. Family culture shapes our future decisions, but it sometimes takes an event to change all that.

I contracted COVID-19 and that mess made me want to DIE! Dramatic a little...YES! Chest hurt, head hurt, back hurt, couldn't breathe, eat, taste, hear, think, or function. The pneumonia was the kicker. Once it was over, it wasn't over as there were after effects to my lungs. Unfortunately, there were many deaths, including my father, who succumbed to the 19. However, COVID-19 had some good points. Is this where I seek the positive in all this? Not really. There truly were some good outcomes of COVID-19. I learned and benefitted from 10 things in this experience.

  1. The world shut down for some time and the average germaphobe could walk the streets, go to the store, and more, and not have to be bothered by people. If I sound like an introvert, that would be correct. Going to the store drives me insane!

  2. It taught us that pandemics are REAL! Context is everything in order to prepare for things like the zombies, which aren't necessarily flesh-eating creatures, but idiots. Those seem to be in abundance lately.

  3. It exposed the nasty habits of those who go to the bathroom and don't wash their hands, pick their body parts and sniff, or literally share saliva with pets. You've seen them--just nasty.

  4. It forced the idea of working from home and showed employers that we don't have to look at each other every day. It reduces my desire to blow this boy up.

  5. Food and beverage could be delivered to your home! That right there was brilliant!

  6. Travel was sweet as you could have a hotel all to yourself. You could literally be the only person walking around. Mind-blowing!

  7. Mental health services kicked into high gear and supported those in need, and taught folks like myself that mental health is not bad. It can be helpful, especially if you were raised by a pack of assorted Peeps.

  8. The 19 showed us that whatever mess you haven't dealt with in your life, you better because it exposed everything that could be wrong with you.

  9. Some people may love you to the best of their ability, but it doesn’t mean the best of yours.

  10. Lastly, I learned that social media is probably the single most terrible invention. It literally destroyed some of my relationships. Wait! I think I was trying to get rid of them anyway.

I have received all of my COVID-19 vaccinations. After having it, I don't need that again. No, no, and NOPE. While it changed my life, it also helped me see things I needed to fix. I realize I now live in a bubble. It’s a place where I can be and say what I want without having to explain, apologize, elaborate, or pretend. There are no pronouns inside, no trying to determine the definition of a woman or other foolishness like that. The 19 literally has shown me the ultimate lesson. That is, to appreciate each day and not sweat the small stuff. Just a thought--

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