Each Day is A New Day--by Rajah E. Smart, Ed.D.

Each day is a new day to become more confident in your abilities. These are the abilities that we allow people to take from us with their negativity or their context on life. Having faith in the Lord is cool, but try having confidence in the abilities you were given and use them without fear of people judging your every move. This is about you, not them.

Each day is a new day to repair broken relationships. That doesn’t mean repair relationships with folks that are energy stealers. On the contrary, find those that brought value to your life and apologize for your part in the drama. The closure and positive energy return no matter if the apology is reciprocated. Your hand was extended, and there was an attempt. Therefore, you can answer questions such as: What if? Why? If repaired, you will find a much stronger relationship than before.

Each day is a new day to be a better person. People are terrible sometimes, and it is reflected more in our media, through relationships, and in politics. Be a better person to you and to those who you claim to love. Please treat them with reverence, be kinder, be appreciative, communicate better, and be unselfish. It’s okay to disagree. As long as you can recognize those who have your best interest at heart or want you to think through an idea.

Each day is a new day to wake up and start all over again. Yesterday may have not been good, but you are alive to see another, so make it count. So what…you made some or a mistake yesterday. Those mistakes can be fixed in a minute or in a year. Use the time wisely versus wallowing in the mistake. Tomorrow is not promised to us, so make it count while you are alive.

Each day is a new day for you not to be a conniving butthole. It’s enough that many of us have to get up and spend 8-hours at a job. Don’t make it worse by believing everything is about you. Understand that you are one person amongst many.

Lastly. Each day is a new day to tell someone special that you love them. It’s a day to remember those that mean the world to you or have contributed to your success. Take a moment and text that person. You would be surprised at what they may be dealing with at that moment. When they leave this world, you want to know that those words were said.

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