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First Amendment and Black Americans

Updated: Aug 9

Black Americans, ya’ll got to realize the illusions out here. Many of us have heard the phrase, “freedom ain’t so free.” I never thought much of it. For the sake of my kids, I think about it constantly now. I’m trying to prep them for life as Americans with the caveat of being Black Americans. We are way out of the 80s, where you could say some foul sh@! and come back from it. Now, you can say something foul and come back with a reality show depending on who you are and your place in society. Forgiveness? What is that? For all these folks who holla about walking in the footsteps of Jesus or being a good Christian, they sho leave out the no judgment part. See, we as people must be better about deciphering what it means to be an American. As an American, you must fully buy into the illusion to immerse yourself in the dream.

But, you betta read the fine print just like those medical ads on television that provide the image of a happy person because of the medicine. Child, they slide through the side effects like passing the collection plate to avoid folks not seeing you put a dime inside. The first amendment may cause one to believe their self-perceived hype, stress, loss of employment, people never forgetting what you said, a negative impact on your family, a life of isolation, no prospects, and more. Check with your therapist before making statements that could damage your livelihood.

On the news, you can’t escape someone doing or saying something. Whether it’s Kanye West or some other fool who doesn’t understand, you can’t say everything you want. You for damn sure can’t be Black and say whatever you want. Kyrie was blasted all over the news, had to apologize, and get a list of how to clean up the mess he made with his mouth. Plus, he talkin’ bout Jews. Man, please-- I can’t tell my husband that his pants look like they are holding up a camel hump. Why? That would hurt his feelings, and I’d have to hear that for the remainder of my multiple-personality life. If he told his boys, they would be thinking about it because their stomachs look the same. Straight up--if he told me that one butt cheek was higher than the other, I’d be all up in my feelings and remind him of it over and over. There would be no forgiveness for such an atrocity, even if I asked for his opinion.

There have been days that I’ve wanted to shoot people or run them down with my car. I want to badly, and I can if I choose. The problem with that choice is that my sweet tail would be in prison. That is how freedom of speech is basically. Yeah, you can say what you want but understand that you will pay based on your class in society. Unless you are Donald Trump, you can say whatever you want—even now.

Say what you will, but people won’t let you forget nothing you say they don’t agree with--now or then; they will spin like a machine to tear you down at any given moment. Meanwhile, Amazon is still selling the movie Kyrie mentioned and won’t take it down. They are smooth with it, though, because they trying to make money. They aren’t supporting it one way or another. People like Kanye talkin’ because they sold on their “genius.” Trust me, I know a couple of dudes I know are geniuses, and they write in notebooks ideas that aren’t meant to be shared because the government may get them. Is there paranoia there? Yes, and it may be well-founded paranoia. However, they are smart and choose to keep that to themselves as it might impact their families and their ability to feed them.

People like that fall for the illusion that is America and think they [Black Americans] can say and do what they want. No, sir, the pendulum does not swing that way, which is why I’m teaching my sons about this illusion and how it can pull you in by feeding your ego. Just know that free is never free, and there is always a price for something. It’s like when I’m playing games that claim they’re free but all those damn commercials play that manipulate you into paying for the full price only to find out that the paid version is tragically just as wack after playing it for a while. In the end, choose words wisely, even if there is freedom of speech.

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