How Times Have Changed: Longevity in the workplace almost nonexistent by J.C. Richardson

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

As an educated professional, I have had my fair share of opportunities in the #workforce. The days that my parents spoke of when one would "go to school, get your education, get a job, and retire," have drastically changed. With the exposure of such concepts as micro-#inequities, #microaggressions, lack of diversity in the workplace, it makes for changes in work culture, hiring practices, and screenings that at times, are ineffective. The unfortunate thing is that most of that type of #culture doesn't exist in the workplace as much as it does in the systematic practices that the organizational cultures embrace. The problems typically arise in the larger umbrella of the corporate structure, which is less exposed and harder to change, especially over the time where deeply rooted and longtime loyalist has been at the helm of power for years. The only thing that will expose this aside from lawsuits is top level transparency. Who would be willing to expose that, aside from individuals that are financially secure and independent? I don't know of anyone that doesn't need their paycheck nowadays, so good luck on that! In the meantime, we have to find ways to infiltrate the systems and expose these practices by changing them. That only will happen through support, collective uplift and #collaboration.

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