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Just Do Yo Damn Job Part II

Felicia wrote the first one, and though I have read it, it helps to see an example of simply doing the job as required. Recently, I ordered a sensitive item and have been awaiting that item for Amazon. Mostly, I have been satisfied with Amazon and heard the stories of delivery people throwing your packages. I mean, if it is socks, towels, drawals, or anything a toss can't damage, I say go for it. But something marked electronic or fragile probably should be thrown or tossed. Below, a driver launches a package even though there are only a couple of steps left to arrive at the porch. The noise helps dramatize the toss.

This reiterates and supports Felicia's point of just doing the job you're asked to do. It would save you from having to deal with customers that will either put you on blast or call the call center over and over until they are satisfied. I have not opened the box yet, but I hope everything is well inside.

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