Legit, Tired of White Folks—Not an All-Inclusive Statement Either…

For me and those in my circle, the phrase, "I'm so tired of white folks," is echoed consistently. It begins with the leadership of this country and trickles down from large homes to trailer parks. White folks are not all-inclusive. On the contrary, white people have my respect as they recognize the issues in this country and are proactive in supporting change, whether in correcting folks or standing with us to fight for equity. White folks are these folks that seek to keep the status quo, protect those that drive their cars through protestors, weep at the death of police officers shot and killed, but balk at justice for Breonna Taylor. These are these supporters of this leadership that shows inequity and prejudice daily but seek to maintain their "white" ways. I'm so tired of them and even more tired of working around them. These are the folks that say stupid stuff like, "You kneel for our anthem, so we will kneel for yours." They don't realize the purpose of kneeling, nor do they care and will remain ignorant because it goes against their country's beliefs. We should be happy to be in America and get the scraps we get. We should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and work hard. And black folks that support this system are no better.

This level of ignorance to protect the ideals of their country has reached an all-time high. Black Lives Matter is about the consistent inequity of our treatment from law enforcement, but it has been politicized to the point where it seeks to diffuse the message. White folks don't like it when racial issues interfere with their daily life; thus, it becomes political. Is saving lives political? No, but bias and racism are laced within this country, and until WE THE PEOPLE genuinely believe that this country will continue to spiral. What is it that black people want? It's simple, really, and white folks can't understand. We want EQUITY, fairness, and justice. For decades, policies in this country have been laced with inequity and have been a burden to black people for decades. For the same God, you all swear by, follow the same commandments, and apply that to all people for the greater good. I'm sick of white folks and their privilege. They drive up and down streets to protest governors trying to protect these dummies from Covid-19, of which over 200,000 people have died. They march into the capital building armed and are treated with respect. The attitude they have when simply asked to wear a mask to protect others as if you are violating their First Amendment rights. Meanwhile, we are killed for selling t-shirts or violating a bike ordinance. This also includes those who choose to keep their head in the sand. You are a part of the problem as well.

To follow this current administration shows us how terrible white folks are today. Forget republican or democrat, we need him gone simply because this country can't take much more of the abuse from him or his followers. White folks don't care about all people, and it's sickening. The American idea is an oxymoron and founded on racism, prejudice, and inequity. If you don't believe me, examine the educational system and the criminal justice system.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Now, if we can get our black folks on the same page and stop pandering after these white folks, we can stand firm. A woman slain in her home after coming home from work deserves more than what she has received. A grand jury didn't find anything wrong with opening fire in her home. The news couldn't find anything negative to portray Breonna Taylor but have essentially shown us that we don't matter yet again. White folks will say if we aren't happy, we should leave as if it's that simple. Well, #Blaxit is real, but why should we leave a country we helped build? We are merely seeking the equity out of the investment we put into it. Can we take our inventions and culture with us as well?

I obviously am not talking about all white people for those that take this sensitively, but you know who I'm talking about. You may know these folks or be married to one. As a person that has been "pulling myself up by the bootstraps," I still face inequity. It doesn't fade because of success. If you believe that, you're a fool. As one of my closest friends would say, let's hope that people will see the damage they are causing this country and wake up. However, I have never had the luxury of believing in hope.

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