• Rajah E. Smart, Ed.D.

Precedent of the United States, This Person is Simply Trash…

Updated: Jun 2

Whoever still supports this fool is just that...a damn fool. This person, who I can’t even call a man, has done nothing to bring order to the country. From COVID-19 to the George Floyd murder by police, this sorry excuse for a human being is manipulating ignorant, racist, rich, far left, prejudice and privileged white folks to stand with him and continue to destroy this country. “Americans” have witnessed the disparities recently with the destruction COVID caused in communities of color. Now, another black man has died at the hands of the police, and people are blaming this man because he had a counterfeit $20 bill. The coroner has determined that Floyd died from asphyxiation by cop. The man was MURDERED, and the privileged want to blame this man who screamed for his mother while being killed. How is this person still in office? He has failed this country economically, failed this country with COVID, and failed this country as a human being. He NEEDS TO GO and those that are like him.

This person is a virus worse than COVID. His failure with COVID has been apparent, and those idiots that marched on Lansing, Michigan, blocking first responders, shows how his stupidity and virus has spread to his dumb and privileged followers. His virus has spread across the country, and these dummies that support him are infected. They don’t see that they are the problem. They don’t see that we are a stronger country as an empowered and diverse country. They want to protect their rifles, go up north, hunt and have a white way of life. They don’t give a fuck about anything outside of their campers and deer season. This clown or this trash is the perfect person for these people who view us as lower than scum and living off the system. They don’t care that I worry about my son on the streets simply going to work or my grandkids that simply want to live and love. They don’t have to worry about their brothers or sisters being harassed just because of the color of the skin and frankly don’t believe it. As people of color, we are expected to placate and live under their America, but that America doesn’t exist for us. Clearly--

Why is this okay? Why do we have to keep going through this? It is clear to us now that there is no care for us as people. White folks will continue to live in their world and care less about what is occurring. After years of oppression, ignorance by this country, history of discrimination, lack of access to materials, murder by cop, when are people going to understand that pulling yourself up by the bootstraps can’t happen if the country doesn’t support it. I’m tired of being profiled. I’m tired of being fearful of simply walking outside. I’m tired of being afraid that my brothers and sisters will be killed for simply sitting at home.

It is time for all people to take action. It is time to remove our money from the economy as corporations pander for us as they know we spend millions of dollars on goods. I’m tired of our struggle being overlooked. I’m tired of sitting on my hands and ready to take action even if it means I must risk my life. I have recently been called a “big black nigger” for telling the truth. I have been told that I’m going to be “hung like my ancestors” if I keep opening my mouth. Yes, my life has been threatened for simply telling the truth.

I’m tired of white folks leeching off my energy but place their heads in the sand when my life and those like me are in danger every day. I love my white people, but white folks are useless to the improvement of this country. White people assisted the Black Panthers, the Civil Rights Movement, the Underground Railroad, etc. I love my white brothers and sisters that are taking action and standing with us. Still, I loathe the white folks that remain clueless and could care less if people like me to open their mouths and begin to be uncomfortable to ensure I can one day travel to various areas in this country without fear of being killed or profiled.

I live in Michigan, and it has exposed itself as a prejudicial state since this trash ass person was put in the office to lead the country. White folks want to make this about liberal nonsense or some level of politics. It is clearly about US simply wanting to survive being pulled over by police, receive the same level of fairness as white folks, have access to the financial freedom as all Americans, and more. How can the superintendent of Grand Ledge Schools blame George Floyd for being choked to death? I hope he never has children that are strangled by cop. Oh, my bad. He wouldn't because he's white so nevermind.

After all this education, when it comes down to it, I am simply a nigger in these white folks’ eyes. Or, I’m simply a black person, which amounts to nothing in this country. Now that this trash has exposed himself and exposed this country, what do we do now? What can we do to stop this shit? That is the question. Do we begin with the idea of by any means necessary?


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