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Republican, Democrat, or Independent: Voter Exhaustion

As the younger member of this writing conglomerate, the views expressed may be different, but that’s the luxury. They may see this differently than I do, but I’m tired of voting. Yes, I know of the importance. Believe me, I do, but it’s to the point that you’re dammed if you do or don’t. I have no idea who is on the ticket for the first time. I could choose to travel to the polls and vote ignorant just to wear that “I voted” sticker. Voting straight ticket is what my parents did when they knew nothing of the characters on the ticket. Isn’t that just as bad as not voting?

Yeah, I know I might be trying to justify my proposed inaction in voting, but you gotta understand my reasoning. Voting today is like adding zero plus zero. What do you get? A fat ass egg of nothing because I've seen nothing since I’ve been able to vote. When Republicans are in office, I see a bit more money on my check, but businesses steal and benefit from PPP loans, people are put in place to eliminate a woman’s right to control her body, and White folks storm the capital and are alive to tell the story. Meanwhile, Leroy (a Black man) gets shot for riding a bike. When Democrats are in office, the student loans I recently acquired get little assistance, Black folks are in prison at greater rates, and money is sent to other countries in mass quantities, but programs in the community are defunded. I mean, if ya'll giving out money for PPP and other countries, isn't it only fair that a man trying to better himself get some?

Today, we are seeing voter restrictions on people of color and other underhanded tricks to keep us from the poll to control the narrative. Whether I vote Republican or Democrat doesn’t seem to change my outcome. Why the hell would I vote Independent? They don’t win and simply make a lot of noise to introduce ideas this country will never accept. Climate control and universal health care are important but not at the expense of folks' pockets. We saw that with this latest student loan issue. Why give out loans? Just offer free education. There is equity in that, but with this student loan piece, overnight language was taken out of it. You see, these selfish ass Americans claim it's unfair that our student loans be paid. Yeah, it's unfair the historical policy keeps us poor, but they don't wanna talk about that.

Like these young girls and boys no longer believe they are young girls and boys and want to pick their gender or have no gender at all, I don’t want to have to keep getting disappointed at the polls. I’m so tired of the insanity and the concept of voting because it’s my responsibility. Yes, my responsibility to see the same crap, whether it’s an elephant or a donkey. In all that frustration, I think about the Black and White people that died and worked for the right to vote so that I could. I appreciate that. What troubles me is the underhanded things and the ideas that were of the past beginning to rewrite and undo all we've done despite voting.

I mean, if a politician can go on TV and say we should stop referring to America stealing land from the indigenous people, you clearly want to preserve whiteness and ignore the fact that you historically destroyed cultures as you do now with these inequitable policies perpetrated by all political parties. These folks want to keep you busy on social media, so you don't pay attention. This shit is all a hustle and I’m tired. If a 10-year-old girl can decide she wants to be non-binary, I should be able to choose whether I vote or not and not be made to feel bad about it, especially when it’s like voting for the skillet or the fire.

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