• Rajah E. Smart, Ed.D.

That Mutha***** Right There, Part I

You ever see someone and think, that mutha***** right there? It could be because of their opinion or some dumb shit they say. Sometimes it makes you want to laugh. This series is dedicated to those folks who make the cut. I randomly choose the person and talk facts versus judgment of the situation. We have enough people judging from the outside in the world.

Today’s MF is the cat who always believes they stand above others but be the one that starts the issues or accelerates them. I’ve seen several lately and they blend together as one person. “I don’t get in folks business, but….” How can you be involved in foolishness and graduate it all the way to fuckery, but then act as if you’re not complicit in the act? Recently, I’ve seen this and it baffles me how a person can believe their bullshit and claim innocence or act above the occurrence. Then, try to be intellectual or sound smart but come off as an fucking idiot. So, you are left asking, what the fuck is this fool talking about? They play the victim after getting busted out instead of simply fessing or copping to their part in the play. To add insult to injury, becomes the “source” of support and tells you what you “need” to do. That shit is hilarious. Now, before some of you start talking forgiveness, what happens if the person did this already and you forgave? Only a fool would walk back into the lion’s den with meat drawals on--IJS

This person steps out the bushes and offers an opinion on a situation that they helped perpetuate versus support positively. And, commences to pop off at the mouth and step back like there was a nugget of wisdom offered. Man, you been sitting so keep your simple ass sitting down and let the grown folks keep doing the work.

This person has a negative opinion on everything. Hasn’t done the heavy lifting but wants to show up and start dropping opinion. Where was yo ass when the real shit had to be done? And, when it is being done, you running your mouth. How about you make the decisions? Wait! This may be a thought. Try being authentically supportive. It’s easy to talk when you not a leader making the decisions. It’s easy to talk when you come after the decisions have been made and tell someone what they should have done. Lastly, the fool perpetuates a situation when it has clearly ended and try to keep something going.

That MF right there personifies the individual that you don’t have words for anymore. It’s not an angry approach but more of a way of simply saying, bless your heart. Or, take your ass over there far away from me. That MF right there is simply saying that this person or persons gets no more energy. Thus, arm yourselves and steer clear of those folks. If you are lucky, they will remove themselves as if they are doing something to you. Shit, that is a blessing so take it and feel the warmth of it. All you can say at that point is, that MF right there with a grin.


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