The Current Precedent of the United States by Rajah E. Smart Ed.D.

Updated: Feb 5

Reading the title, one may think a word is misspelled. Not at all…I am unable to refer to that person as anything else. Many thanks to one of my students for sharing that nugget of wisdom. Of course, one must be careful about what is said about this current person in the office or the supporters become agitated to the point of spouting baseless facts or blame Obama for everything wrong with this country. Before taking the trip down that rabbit hole, let’s explore a component of American history that is important today.

My big sister consistently talks about Idiocracy. For those unfamiliar, Idiocracy is about an average man and woman who take part in a military experiment that places them in hibernation for a year. The folks are awakening 500 years and realize the average intelligence of people has decreased, and the man is now the smartest in the world. Imagine that…the essence of intelligence is slipping away and the acceptance of ignorance is supported.

Interestingly enough, when speaking with or listening to the supporters of the Precendent, I often feel smarter. In some cases, I may be anyway but to hear people defend the disrespectful behavior, the shunning of supporting those in need, justifying the mistreatment of children, willfully tearing down another person because they disagree with an agenda, and blatantly care nothing for the greater good, it is cause for concern. Is this who folks want to place their trust in today? I feel smarter because I possess the intelligence to research facts and not depend on the news to provide information. I also refuse to tear down someone because we differ in opinions. When did it become such an issue to disagree? If that were the case, my wife and I would have divorced years ago.

To operate in the current climate, one must indeed suspend logic and choose candidates who will return us to some level of respectability. To approach this massacre of intellectual thinking logically will only result in a headache. For as much as folks want to clown, Obama, there were no scandals that involved his family and the Obama’s carried themselves with class. While I didn’t agree with all his policies, there was a chance to turn on the television or catch the news to see a leader do the job in spite of the harsh criticism of a black man in the role of leader. For those who don’t believe race played a factor, please remove the privilege stench and understand the challenges people of color have in this country. “It is Obama’s fault that racism is worse today.” Really? No, it’s racists fault for hating a person of color in the office, so we now pay with having this _________. Let me stop. “People of color always make things about race.” They will stop when race stops being an issue…imagine that.

As people continue to support and defend this person ardently, the more one must ask, is this the country we want to portray? Is this “man” the type of legacy we want to pass forward to generations? Is this the type of person we want representing us across the globe? Is this the person we want fighting for equity and equality in pay, support, marriage, law, etc.? Let’s face it, politicians are politicians, and they won’t touch any issue that will drop their popularity. However, let’s choose someone because they are the right fit and not because of their color, their pandering, and all the other foolish reasons. Let’s choose someone because the facts make sense. So, as the people of the country who voted in that direction suffer from no support for coal mining, no healthcare, higher taxes, and more, ask the right questions when it’s time to vote. For those folks in my life who voted that way, it tells me much about that person. As a person of color, I believe I can speak for many by saying we need people to stand with us in the pursuit of equity. To support someone that clearly doesn't care, it means we can no longer be cool like that.

Do we want to keep a person in office whose legacy is #covfefe and #revolutionarywarairports. If that’s a yes, then let’s prepare for Idiocracy or do as the supporters tell us: “Move out of the country.” I’m just saying.



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