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The Student Loan Fat Juke

Here, fat is having a large amount of excess, while juke is turning or bending quickly, typically to avoid someone or something. Well, the government avoided covering those costs and took a quick left. I don’t understand the issue with forgiving loans for those who work in public service. Ya'll know we don't get paid jack. Why do people have such an issue with this when the United States of America can find funds for various things? Watching the news, bailouts and funds provided to countries to “stimulate” their economy has happened. Still, those in debt trying to improve their condition and stimulate this economy are left to make that payment. That payment keeps you bitter.

All I can say is, Bruh. Really! I don’t know who is advising Biden, but all those folks need to be put in a room with teachers, principals, state workers, doctors, indigenous folks, and any role funded by state, local, and federal funds. Also, let’s add some criminal justice, psychology, and English majors seeking jobs. Now, I don’t promote violence but provide each person with a check stub with higlited how much you actually make, a megaphone, and a bamboo stick. IJS ;)

People against forgiving loans will say, “they knew the risks when taking out those loans.” Unfortunately, that is giving the receiver of student loans too much credit. Some of us did not, especially if coming from an impoverished area. Student loans are like payday loans that prey on people in need. That interest rate is like 70% but I need gas, food, and at least a pair of shoes to say I can buy something. It’s like they prey on you because they know you need it.

What makes student loans a big fat nasty juke? I was talked into being a teacher and provided grants with loans to pay for college. It was sold to me as the loans would be waved once you stay in education for 10 years. Alas, the administration changed, and it was pay the loans for 10 years, and it’s forgiven. Okay, cool. Mind you, teachers seem to stay below inflation, and taxes eat you up, so you need a second job to cover costs. Once I did the time, I sent in the paperwork and was played to the left. In essence, “you are not qualified.” But, I did my part. Thus, the fat juke like Allen Iverson crossed me hard.

To those who feel we deserve it because we took out the loans, we should have read the fine print, we should have been better informed, it’s unfair to those who paid off student loans, or paying them off negatively impacts those who don’t have student loans, kiss my entire behind. I have nothing eloquent to add. Not everyone shares the same condition, so we shouldn’t treat them as such. To indicate that a person should have read the fine print would assume they were truly educated on what the print means. Also, the rules changed during that time, and how would you know that? In my grade school, we didn’t learn about interest, compound interest, or monthly and annual interest. Ignorance is not a defense, but if you are hungry, you will steal to feed your family if needed. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s called survival and I understand. Trust and believe, I know now about what interest means.

As I have progressed through several careers to afford my student loans, the payments only increase, and the Internal Revenue Service hands in my pocket. Those two combined take turns smacking your behind each month like you a newborn baby. Trust and believe that I could own a four-bedroom home with an airstrip in the backyard if I didn't have that payment. Talk about stimulating the economy--

What is unfair is that you get paid like you are in public service. The student loans you thought you would pay to be forgiven in 10 years is a fat juke. Approaching the drive-thru, they move that boy on you, so you never make it to the window to get that happy meal. It just seems increasingly inequitable for some communities. Meanwhile, U.S. leadership pledges 40 billion dollars to Ukraine. The initial pledge was $800 million. Student loan debt is $1.7 trillion.

I’m not saying to forgive all of the loans. Hell, just cover the interest and I’ll cover the rest. But, the hope is to provide the deal sold when I entered public service. Pay my loan off! I sometimes wish I was a part of #anonymous and could wipe everyone’s loans out. It is time that we examine how those loans are distributed to protect future populations. Ultimately, like others, I am simply being pimped each month to make that car payment. No, wait...we talking about student loans.

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